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Documentation » Photo Albums

Photo Albums

Once you have selected a camera to view you can then select the Photo Albums page. Though the Photo Albums are not specific to the context of a camera, there is one Photo Albums page for every project no matter how many cameras are active for a project.

Selecting Photo Albums

Photo Albums are used to store images or videos manually captured from the system or uploaded directly through the application or a device like a tablet or cell phone.

Photo Albums Page

Albums can hold many photos or videos and you are able to create as many albums as you want for each project.

From here you can:

  • Click into a photo album
  • Rename an individual photo album
  • Delete an individual photo album
  • Upload additional photos and/or videos to a photo album
  • Create a Photo Album

Viewing Photos and Videos

In order to view the individual media (photos and videos) you must click on a Photo Album.

Inside a Photo Album

From here you can:

  • View individual photos or videos
  • View photo or video descriptions
  • Rename an individual photo or video
  • Delete an individual photo or video
  • Search for a photo or video
  • Upload additional photos and/or videos

Photo Album Media Viewer

Once you have clicked on an image in the photo album the Photo Album Media Viewer will popup and display the image that you selected.

Photo Album Media Viewer

From here you can:

  • View the photo or video
  • Zoom In / Out on an individual photo (not available for video)
  • Move to the Next or Previous photo or video
  • Play all photos and / or videos in this photo album as a slideshow
    • Note: each photo will be displayed for a few seconds and only the first few seconds of video will be shown while the slideshow is active.

Create Photo Album

To create a new photo album select the Create Photo Album button.

A dialog will appear where you can give your photo album a descriptive name.

Add Photo Album

Once you have a name entered, click Save. The photo album now appears on your list of photo albums but there are no photos uploaded yet.

New Photo Album

Upload Photos to Photo Album

To upload photos to your photo album, select the Photo Album thumbnail image, then in the upper right corner select Upload Files. You will be prompted to upload the photo or video files.

From this page you can:

  • Drag and Drop files to the target area
  • Browse and select files to add to the upload
  • Change the name of the file (for individual file uploads)
  • Add a description for the files you are uploading
    • Note: When uploading multiple files the description will be added to all files included in the upload.

Rename Photo Album

Photo albums can be renamed by clicking the three buttons in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail image on the photo album page, and selecting Rename from the menu.

Selecting Rename Photo Album

An Edit Photo Album drawer will appear asking for the new name. Edit the Name and click save.

Delete Photo Album

Photo albums can be Deleted by clicking the three buttons in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail image on the photo album page, and selecting Delete from the menu. Once selected a confirmation dialog box will appear. Click Delete.

Delete Photo Album

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