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Documentation » Live View

Live View

When you click on any camera in your TrueLook dashboard, it will take you to that camera’s Live Viewing page. You may also select the Live page from the page selection in the Breadcrumb Menu.

Live View Icons

From this page you can select any of the following icons:

Live Stream

This selection will connect and start streaming a live view from the camera.

Stop Stream

When you are done watching the Live Stream you can click on the Stop Stream icon and it will take you back to the Default View.

Refresh Image

This selection will Refresh the image that is displayed in the Default View

Normal View

Selecting this icon will change the Image or Video being shown to the 16:9 aspect ratio and show you the entire image on the page.

Fit to Screen

Will expand the image or video to fill more of the screen. You will be able to digitally move the image right or left to see the rest of the image or video by just dragging the displayed image.

PTZ Cameras Only
Preset View

By selecting this icon you will be able to move the camera to an already defined preset or set a new preset if desired (see Presets For PTZ Cameras).


Selecting this icon will bring up the Sharing Drawer allowing you to share the image that you are viewing to a variety of destinations (see Sharing Drawer).

Create Time-Lapse

By selecting this icon you will be able to create a new time-lapse based upon the view that you have (see Creating Time-Lapse).

PTZ Cameras Only

This icon will turn on the PTZ Viewfinder (see Using the Viewfinder on PTZ Cameras).

Using Zoom on Fixed Cameras

On fixed cameras, in the camera control panel on the Live View page there are Zoom controls.

The Zoom controls allow you to digitally zoom the static image. You can also control the camera with just your mouse. You can also use your mouse to click and drag around the image.

Using the Viewfinder on PTZ Cameras

On PTZ cameras, you can control where the camera is pointed with the Viewfinder.

The Viewfinder is located in the bottom of the Live View page on any PTZ camera. To use the Viewfinder, simply click on the Viewfinder icon to open it.


The Viewfinder allows you to zoom in on a particular area of a live image. To do this, move the selection box around the image, then resize or zoom in/out, or you can draw a completely new selection box in a new area of the image. When you have the selector positioned in the area you want the camera to move, click the check button and the view will change to your selection. The Home icon in the Viewfinder will take you back to the default home preset. If no home preset has been saved, the camera will move back to its default location with zero zoom and zero pan.

Presets For PTZ Cameras

On PTZ cameras, there is a Preset View button. This can be used to quickly move the camera to locations you want to see repeatedly.

To use this feature, point the camera using the Viewfinder and then select the Preset Views button. The current view will be highlighted and you will have the option to Save as Preset. Pressing this button will remember this camera position and take you to a screen where you can give this preset a name.

Optionally, you can set this view as the Home Position for the Viewfinder. Only one home position can be set per camera.