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Documentation » Leasing Program

Leasing Program

Return Instructions

Learn how to return your leased equipment with our step-by-step guides. If you have questions or concerns that aren’t addressed by the guides, reach out to Support for assistance.

110V and Solar Cameras Solar Equipment
Download Guide >> Download Guide >>
Mobile Camera Trailer TrueShield Security Solution
Download Guide >> Download Guide >>


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to extend my leasing term?

Reach out to your Account Executive to let them know, and they will give you pricing information based on your lease type.

Can I buy my leased equipment at the end of my lease term?

Yes, reach out to your Account Executive for pricing.

What happens if I lost the packaging required for the return?

If you can’t locate your pallet (for solar equipment) or camera’s hard case, reach out to for alternative instructions on returning your equipment.

How do I contact Support to answer my questions?

You can reach Support by emailing or calling 833.878.3566, Option 2. As a TrueLook customer, you get unlimited USA support.