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Documentation » Setting Up Security Motion Alerts

Setting Up Security Motion Alerts

Every TrueLook camera records security footage 24/7. You can set up custom alerts to notify you of motion on your cameras. Usually, motion alerts are set for hours when there is no one on site.

Motion alerts can be sent via email, text message (SMS), or both.

To set up and customize your Motion Alerts, navigate to Camera Settings under Settings . Then find the camera you would like to activate motion alerts for, then toggle the motion alerts on and you will see an Edit button appear. Select the Edit button and you will be prompted to select your choices for the below: 

Frequency: The frequency limits the number of motion alerts you receive. If you do not wish to be alerted more often than every 10 minutes, you would set the frequency to 10 minutes.

Schedule: Alerts can be set to deliver differently for weekdays versus weekends. You may want alerts only after hours during the week, but continuously on weekends.

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