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Documentation » Live Cameras » Using The Viewfinder On PTZ Cameras

Using The Viewfinder On PTZ Cameras

On PTZ cameras, you can control where the camera is pointed with the Viewfinder. 

The Viewfinder is located in the bottom left corner of the Live View screen on any PTZ camera. It is minimized by default. To use the Viewfinder, simply click anywhere on the Viewfinder to expand and open it.

The Viewfinder allows you to zoom in on a particular area of a live image. To do this  move the selection box around the image, then resize or zoom in/out, or you can draw a completely new selection box in a new area of the image. When you have the selector positioned in the area you want the camera to move, click the green apply button .

The Viewfinder only works while the camera is in live mode. There are directional arrows on the viewfinder that will move the camera in the direction they are clicked as well as a house (Home) icon that will take you back to the default home preset. If no home preset has been saved, the camera will move back to its default location with zero zoom and zero pan.

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