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Documentation » Getting Started » Interface Basics

Interface Basics

The Project Dashboard

When you login into the TrueLook application you will land on your Project Dashboard. Your Project Dashboard shows you all of your active and completed projects. 

Active projects are displayed by default. The thumbnail view for each active project is updated daily. From this view, you can also easily see the current weather conditions and the number of live cameras on each active project.

To see Completed Projects, toggle over to the Completed Tab, next to the Active Tab.

Clicking on any Active Project will take you to the default camera for that project. 

For active projects that have multiple cameras, clicking on the project will take you to the Project Live View page, where you can see all of the cameras for that project.

The Project Live View Page

Your account name and project name are displayed at the top of the Project Live View page, to the right of the hamburger menu.

The hamburger menu on the Project Live View page will allow you to navigate back to the main Project Dashboard, as well as the Media Manager, and the Project Info page.

To switch in between multiple projects, use the drop-down arrow to the right of the project name to switch between active projects.

To switch in between multiple cameras on one project, click the camera icon to the right of the project name. The number beside the camera icon denotes the number of active cameras you have enabled on the project. Clicking on the camera icon will provide a drop-down menu, allowing you to select the camera you would like to view.

Does This Not Look Familiar?

If these images or directions don’t match up with what you are seeing, you may have a different version of our app. Click below to switch to the correct help content.