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Documentation » Editing, Pausing, Or Removing A Time-Lapse

Editing, Pausing, Or Removing A Time-Lapse

Time-lapses can be edited after they have started capturing images. To do this navigate to your Media Manager and find your desired time-lapse and click on the three dots in the bottom right corner, select Edit.


From here, you are able to change the time-lapse name, when photos are captured or how often and the start and end dates of the time-lapse. However, the end or start date cannot be moved to a past date.

Pausing Time-Lapses

Time-lapses can also be paused from this menu. Pausing a time-lapse temporarily halts the collection of images. To pause a time-lapse, select Pause from the menu. To resume the time-lapse, just repeat the process and click on Resume from the same menu.

Removing Time-Lapses

Time-lapses are able to be removed. This will remove from the system all images and any configured time-lapse movies that have been created. To remove a time-lapse, click Remove from the same menu. You will be prompted to confirm your selection.

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