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Documentation » Creating A Time-Lapse

Creating A Time-Lapse

Time-lapses are a series of single images that are taken over a period of time, these are useful for documenting project progress. Many customers only have one time-lapse created that begins at the start of the project and ends on project completion.

There are two types of time-lapses available depending on the type of camera you have:

Fixed cameras only take standard time-lapse images because they can’t move from where they are currently pointed without manual intervention.  

PTZ cameras can take panoramic time-lapse images which are a series of smaller images stitched together to make one wide image. You will know you have a PTZ camera if you can create a panoramic time-lapse.

To create a new time-lapse, click on the New Time-Lapse button.

If you have a PTZ camera you will need to choose to create either a standard time-lapse or a panoramic time-lapse. Most customers start with a standard time-lapse.

To create a standard time-lapse, complete the fields required in the form. These fields are explained below.

Name: This is what you would like to name your time-lapse. Tip: Make it descriptive so that you can find it when looking at your list of time-lapses later!

Take Photos: There are three options provided in the dropdown menu for when the camera should capture images of your project for the time-lapse.

Between certain hours: This allows you to set the hours you want to capture time lapses. If you rarely have work continuously on the site, you could use this to set the start and end of the time when work is happening on the site and not take photos at night when no progress is happening.

Continuously: Captures images all day and night at the interval you set up in “take a picture every” field.

Once a day: Captures a single image each day at the photo time you enter in the “take a picture every” field.

Date Range: This is the start and end day you want to capture images during.

Beginning/Ending: When you have selected Between Certain Hours, this is where you set the beginning and ending time. Photos will not be captured outside of these hours.

Take a Picture Every: When you have selected Continuously or Once A Day, these are the hours and minutes you want images to be captured.

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