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Documentation » Create Custom Time-Lapse Movies

Create Custom Time-Lapse Movies

Time-lapse movies take all of the individual images captured in your time-lapses, stitches them together and speeds up time to create a movie that shows your project’s progress in a condensed format.

Time-lapse movies can be set to music or to show a specific date range or other attributes to get the effect you are looking for. You can create as many movies as you like.

To create a new time-lapse movie from your time-lapse photos, navigate to the Media Manager, find your desired time-lapse, and select the three dots in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail image. From the menu, select View Movies. This will take you to our Time Lapse Movie page, from there select + New Movie in the upper right corner.


Once you have selected + New Movie, complete the fields requested.

Name:  Give your movie a name, e.g. Northside Footing Pour.

Images: Specify if you want to use all the images you have captured so far or just a specific date range.

Max Length: In movies that have a high number of images, this will control both the speed of the movie and how many frames we may automatically drop. For example, if you have 298,000 images and only want a 1 minute movie, we will automatically drop images to maintain a frame rate of 60 frames per second.

Music: Choose to have music play in your movie. You can hear samples of each music type available.


    • Exclude Weekend Images: This removes any weekend images from the movie. Useful if no work happened on weekends to remove lags in the perceived motion progress.
    • Exclude Night Images: This removes anything after sunset. Focus on just what is visible to your viewers.
    • Exclude Bad Weather Images: This removes any images with rain/snow/fog etc.
    • Daily mode: Selects just one image per day around noon.
    • Watermark with Logo:  Adds  your logo (if uploaded in project info) as a watermark over the movie file.

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