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Documentation » Jobsite Surveillance » View Alerting Details

View Alerting Details

Upon receiving an SMS alert from Noonlight, you can view the alert details by either clicking on the link in the SMS and logging into the TrueLook application. The Alert Detail page will show the Alert Video Clip showing the motion that triggered the alert, the Alert Status, Alert Live Links, and allows you to cancel the alert.

  1. Log into TrueLook application as an administrator or click on the link provided in the SMS.
  2. Click on the camera image that has an alert to view the alert details and the video. 
  3. The video will play automatically. To view the video again, click the play button. Determine if the alert is valid
  4. If the alert is not valid, click Cancel Alert. If the alert is valid, Noonlight will dispatch emergency services.

Cancel an Alert through the TrueLook App

  1. After clicking on the Cancel Alert button in the Alert’s Detail Page, type in your 4-digit numerical pin.
  2. Select the reason you are canceling the alert. If you do not see the reason, click other.
  3. If you select Other, please type in the reason for canceling the alert. Please note, this field is required. 
  4. Click Cancel Alert. If you no longer want to cancel the alert click Dismiss.