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Documentation » Jobsite Surveillance » Jobsite Surveillance Wizard Setup

Jobsite Surveillance Wizard Setup

The Jobsite Surveillance Wizard will allow you to select users who will receive alert notifications, add the address of where emergency services should be dispatched, and set alert hours.

Jump to these quick sections:

Select Alert User

  • You can select up to five users to receive alerts
  • Users must be a Customer Admin, Project Admin or have Custom Security access to receive alerts.

1. Click the checkbox next to a user’s name. The box will turn green, with a checkmark, to confirm the user has been selected.

  • Select Alert User Check

2. To set the priority of users, click on the user’s name and drag and drop to the desired priority.

    1. Select Alert User 3

Select Alert User 4Set a Pin

After selecting your users, you must create a 4 digit pin which will be sent to the selected users after they accept the Job Surveillance alerts acknowledgment SMS. Please Note: The pin must be provided also when canceling an alert.

1. Enter a 4 digit numeric pin.

Select a Pin 1Select a Pin 2

2. Click Next Step

Select a Pin 3

Verify Address

You will now enter the precise address you would want the emergency services to respond to in the event of an alert.

1. Type the address of where you would want emergency services to go in the event of an alert.

Verify Address 1

Optionally you can use the map locator to define the address by clicking within the map and dragging the area outside of the marker. Do not try to move the marker. The address will automatically update with your new map location.Verify Address. 2

2. Enter additional information to share with the emergency services, like alarm codes or instructions specific to the job site. Please note, this field is required. Verify Address 3

3. Click Next Step.

Verify Address 4

Set Alert Schedule

You will now enter the Weekday, Saturday, and Sunday schedules for alerts. You must determine a schedule for all three fields.

1. Click the drop-down menu for the Weekday Schedule and choose the frequency of alerts for this camera. The options to chose from are: Never, Continuously, Between certain hours. Please Note: The option “Continuously” means an alert will be sent every 15 minutes.

2. After selecting “Between certain hours”, select the Beginning and Ending hours for when the system should be sending alerts during the Weekday.

3. Enter the Saturday Schedule and corresponding beginning and ending times.

4. Enter the Sunday Schedule and corresponding beginning and ending times. Please Note: Sunday hours will default to the same hours entered for Saturday but can be changed.

5. Click Save Alert.

Please Note: After clicking Save Alert, you will see a confirmation pop-up in the TrueLook App and the users you selected will receive a confirmation SMS.

The Alert will stay in DRAFT mode until at least one assigned user acknowledges and agrees to accept alerts for this specific job site.

6. To verify that alert is no longer in draft mode click on the Edit button from the Camera Settings page. Please Note: Alerts will not be sent out until the Jobsite Surveillance SMS is accepted by one of your selected users.

Edit Jobsite Surveillance Wizard Settings

If you need to change the users who receive the alerts, the address, or the schedule you can edit the settings following the instructions below.

1. From the Camera Setting’s page, click the Edit button next to the Jobsite Surveillance.


2. Click the vertical ellipses.


3. Click Edit.

3. Navigate to the section you want to edit by clicking the top headers or by clicking the Next Step button.


4. Make your edits and then click Save Alert. Please Note: An SMS will be sent out if a new user is added.