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Documentation » Jobsite Surveillance » Jobsite Surveillance Set Up

Jobsite Surveillance Set Up

This document will teach you how to access, use, and adjust the Jobsite Surveillance feature in TrueLook. This manual should be used by TrueLook’s customers who have 4K Fixed cameras and Jobsite Surveillance already enabled in TrueLook.


  • Before you can access Jobsite Surveillance, TrueLook support must enable this feature. You will receive an email confirming that Jobsite Surveillance is active. 
  • If you do not see the Jobsite Surveillance feature enabled please contact TrueLook support at or call 833.878.3566, select option #2.
  • As of August 2021, only 4K Fixed cameras, both indoor and outdoor, can be enabled for Jobsite Surveillance.

User Access

Three users can access Jobsite Surveillance Alerts. These users are:

  • Customer Admin
  • Project Admin
  • Custom Security access

Before setting up the Jobsite Surveillance Alerts, make sure you have the correct user access.

Setting Up Jobsite Surveillance

1. Log into TrueLook app as a Customer Administrator, Project Admin, or Custom Security access.

2. Validate that Jobsite Surveillance is enabled.

3. Click on the Settings gear in the upper, right-hand corner.

4. From the drop-down menu, click on Camera Settings.

Camera Settings
5. On the Camera Settings page, locate your 4K Fixed camera and click the Jobsite Surveillance setting toggle on. It will turn green once activated.

Camera Settings Toggle

6. Once the Jobsite Surveillance is enabled, an “Edit” button will appear next to the toggle. Click the ”Edit” button and to begin the three-step Jobsite Surveillance Setup Wizard.

Camera Settings Edit