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Documentation » Admin Settings » Sharing Links admin

Sharing Links admin

If Admins want to share a camera without creating a new user, they can create a Sharing Link that will allow a user to view the camera without login credentials. This is useful for emailing a link to a large team or sharing your camera with the public. To do this, the Admin must navigate to Camera Settings, find the desired camera, go to Sharing Links > Edit > + New Sharing Link. 

The Admin can also choose what content the user has access to view through the sharing link: Images Only or Images + Video. They can also choose if the user can see the Project Info Page, Time-Lapses or Photo Albums.

TrueLook also lets you delete a link if you wish to revoke access in the future. Just be careful when deleting links as this will affect anywhere else you have used the link (such as embedding the camera). You can generate and delete direct links as many times as you like.

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